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We suggest the way how to compensate for your consumption in just 3 easy steps:

01. Find a project from our list that matches your vision best and is already making progress towards the future.
02. Sign up via social media. Make a one-time contribution or subscribe monthly to your favorite project.
03. Earn NULLs — points rewarded for your activity, and use them with our partners right away or claim them for even bigger rewards.

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Nullker is a novel economic platform connecting ecology, people, and businesses. We encourage individuals and companies to offset their consumption by supporting natural restoration, waste recycling, carbon footprint reduction projects and many more.

Nullker is derived from "null," symbolizing the balance between human consumption and nature’s conservation. We suggest a service to support eco-friendly initiatives to reduce the nature-damaging effects and suggest a new approach when all the stakeholders win.

About us
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The name Nullker comes from the word "null" - it is about the zero balance between consumption, inevitable for humanity, and supporting nature through the financing of eco projects. Our global goal is to move towards zero in reducing human impact on the environment: if you consume, then compensate! And we know how by offering a transparent scheme for financing projects that support natural restoration after human intervention, recycling and minimization of human waste, reducing the carbon footprint and much more.

NULLs are the local points used on our platform. You can earn NULLs for your activity, exchange them for rewards and contributions to eco projects. NULL - sounds in tune with Nullker and recalls the idea of a zero balance between consumption, inevitable for humanity, and supporting nature through contributing to eco projects.

We currently offer three social network options for registration: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The registration process takes less than a minute and requires a valid account on one of these social networks.

My achievements are the projects that you already support. You can share them on your social networks and be rewarded with additional NULLs.

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