Nullker help centre

The name Nullker comes from the word "null" - it is about the zero balance between consumption, inevitable for humanity, and supporting nature through the financing of eco projects. Our global goal is to move towards zero in reducing human impact on the environment: if you consume, then compensate! And we know how by offering a transparent scheme for financing projects that support natural restoration after human intervention, recycling and minimization of human waste, reducing the carbon footprint and much more.

The Nullker community is the community of conscious individuals who want to make a positive impact on our Planet's health. They can also engage in conversations of interest through our social media, share information and create joint initiatives. By supporting eco projects via our platform, you become a part of the Nullker community.

Nullkers are people who care about the environment and want to build a better future. They want to support eco projects, and we provide them with that opportunity.

NULLs are the local points used on our platform. You can earn NULLs for your activity, exchange them for rewards and support eco projects. NULL - sounds in tune with Nullker and recalls the idea of a zero balance between consumption, inevitable for humanity, and supporting nature through contributing to eco projects.

You can earn NULLs by contributing to environmental projects through our platform or by pledging your cashback rewards from our partner companies to environmental projects. You can also earn NULLs for your first registration, by sharing your achievements on social media through a link in your personal profile and other activities on Nullker.

You can use NULLs to redeem our merch or products from our partners on our platform.

An eco project is a project that is aimed to make a positive impact on the environment, whether it's by reducing waste, protecting endangered species, using renewable energy, promoting sustainability, or any other eco-friendly endeavor.

You can find at our platform eco projects that align with your values and interests. Once you find a project you want to support, simply make a contribution through our site to help fund their work towards a sustainable future.

All the projects that you can support are on the Projects page. In addition, you can select them on the Main page, in your personal cabinet under achievements and when selecting a service for cashback.

You can submit your project for support on our platform by clicking the "Add project" button on the homepage or in your profile. There, you can fill out a short form and our team will soon contact you to clarify the details.

Our partners are carefully selected companies that share our movement to sustainability and environmental protection. By supporting eco projects through their cashback programs, our partners help to make a positive impact on the Planet. Additionally, our partners benefit from higher customer loyalty and engagement by offering their customers option to support initiatives they care about.

We currently offer three social network options for registration: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The registration process takes less than a minute and requires a valid account on one of these social networks.

Yes, we have active social media channels where you can stay up-to-date with the latest environmental projectы and news, watch memes and take part in funny interactions.

You can find links to our social media channels in the footer of our website, as well as on the "About us" page.

To cancel a subscription to a monthly project support, go to your profile on Nullker, click on "Subscriptions". Select the project you want to cancel and click "Stop supporting" button.

My achievements are the projects that you already support. You can share them on your social networks and be rewarded with additional NULLs.