About us Nullker is a community of people united by the values of sustainable development.
How it works
Our online platform is a hub for environmental initiatives from all over the world. Local and global. With ambitious long-term goals and small near-future targets. Ranging from tree-planting to waste management.
All users who are willing to join us and support a good cause automatically become Nullkers. All eco-actions via our platform bring economic rewards in the form of NULLs, gifts, and special offers from our green partners.
Ultimately: Environmental projects get the publicity and financial support they need. Users get the rewards they deserve. Sustainable businesses get new eco-friendly customers. The win-win-win world!

Our goal is to build a vibrant, independent community for networking, sharing experiences, and launching projects.

Nullker represents more than just a product; it embodies a new culture. We have exciting plans for community growth, including events, promotions, a rating system, and engaging game mechanics centered around common interests.

Our mission is to build new economic relations (win-win-win) where everyone wins: people, companies and nature.

We believe that being green is the game-changing value in both ecology and economy.

We help environmental projects by showcasing them on our platform, right at the donors’ fingertips!

We are a community of global citizens who acknowledge the right to consume and the duty to compensate.

why us
Why us?

Being among the pioneers of the circular economy, we aim to bring this model to a new level by achieving a zero balance between economic consumption and environmental compensation.

Join us! Experience the world where eco-investments bring economic rewards!

Join Nullker

Join Nullker today to make a difference in the world of tomorrow. Sign up with your social network and get 9NULLS as a welcome gift to your account.

A New Look

Saving the environment and developing the economy is not an “either, or” scenario. These two missions go hand-in-hand!

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