Nullker: A Sustainable Global Community where “ECO” stands for Ecology as much as Economy

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Nullker: Who We Are and Why Us?

We won’t brag. We did NOT invent a revolutionary way to save the planet – we simply discovered it! It was hidden in plain sight, in everything that surrounds us, in nature per se.

Nature has been managing itself for millennia, making everything work and stay balanced. Human activity has disturbed this balance. Yet, knowing nature’s ways, we can easily restore equilibrium by synchronizing with it.

In the natural world, everything exists in the form of networks and closed cycles, where all the elements engage in multiple beneficial connections. Think of ecosystems. Everything is at its best. And nothing is ever wasted – it just gets redistributed, reformatted, and reused. The same should be done with the resources people consume and the effort we put in to preserve those resources. 

Translated into the language of economy, the revolutionary way lies through uniting the already existing environmental effort and channeling it in a manner that would enrich all the parties involved: business, communities, and nature.

On “Natural” Economy. 

We believe that the economy should become more… natural (pun unintended)! People should stop fighting against consumption, for it is now an integral part of the modern economic and social reality. What we can and should do instead is change the format of consumption to make it less wasteful and more inclusively beneficial. If you take from the environment - give back in any form convenient. It is already a win-win situation. However, Nullker knows best!..

Our Win-Win-Win Strategy. 

Many of you have heard of the non-zero-sum game – a theory where one participant’s gain does not necessarily mean the other one’s loss. This theory is applicable to economy, as well as ecology. When we consume, nature should not necessarily lose. When we invest into the environmental effort, the economy should not automatically lose. It’s as simple as that. It is the “eco Nash equilibrium” of sorts, where “eco” stands for both ecology and economy.

Nullker went even further and took the standard win-win scenario to a whole new level. The resulting “win-win-win” approach presupposes that people take from nature, give back, and still receive more – from other people and businesses who also value nature and with whom they can create more joint initiatives mediated by Nullker. We bring sporadic eco effort together in a self-perpetuating cooperation on a single platform, making economic and cultural growth easier and more integrated. 

In essence, the key to saving the planet is in working together to unify and multiply the effort. And this key is held by every single member of the growing Nullker community. The more of us – the bigger the impact.

Same Money – Different Outcome. 

Nullker’s philosophy is the money spent for connecting people and businesses, for popularizing green ideas and brands, for growing the community of people who care – about each other, about the economy, and about the planet.

For us, donation is not a matter of “how much” but more a matter of “how”.

Same money can make a different impact. Here is an example:

#1 A direct donation to an account of an animal shelter is what it is – a good act with a proportional, converted value. The donor’s money converts into a certain amount of food, vaccines, rehab, etc.

#2 A donation via the Nullker platform splits and restructures charity to convert it into a direct monetary input PLUS an investment into bonding with the like minded people and brands, immediately returning to the donator in the form of new contacts, discount points (NULs), and information.

In the first case, animals get help and donors get moral satisfaction. That’s good, but could be better.

In the second scenario, animals get help, donors get moral satisfaction and NULs that they can further use to their benefit, for example, by choosing among our partner brands to discover more eco products and services, more stories of people who care. In response, the partner brands are expected to invest more in the ecological initiatives. The bigger the donor base – the bigger the brands, their quantity, and their interest.

This way, members help us finance and popularize eco projects. It is a new form of advertising and rebate integrated into the donation process. Speaking numbers, 80 percent of every donation goes to the project of choice, and the remaining 20 percent will be invested into the development of the Nullker platform. Nullker’s income is derived from the resulting advertising budget, not the donation itself.  

All in all, money is the same, but the impact is of tremendously different proportions and reach.

By this reading point, you already know who we are and what we think. Now, we would like to hear back from YOU. 

Does Nullker's vision resonate with you? 

Would you care to join us?

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Any of the aforementioned is your step towards a better world where everyone wins!

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