Restore Forest

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Country/Region: Netherlands
Team 1
Date of foundation 2022

About project

The Restore Forest initiative is the brainchild of Jean-Baptiste (JB) Chaudron. Inspired by the Japanese botanist Dr. Akira Miyawaki, who developed and implemented his forest-planting methodology in hundreds of projects worldwide, JB has simplified the approach to make it accessible to people who are not professional botanists. Now, the Miyawaki mini forest techniques are available to everyone. 

The idea behind Miyawaki forests is to reconnect people with Nature. The overarching objective is to address global climate change and deforestation issues by taking small individual steps in planting mini forests locally — in your own backyard, a workplace, or a communal space.

Project objectives

To teach all people how to create Miyawaki mini forests to form a network of green corridors reconnecting humans with nature.

Expanding this initiative worldwide will help solve global issues at a local level, restoring native biodiversity and transforming the entire globe into a mosaic of Miyawaki forests.


More than 2000 Miyawaki forests have already been planted worldwide. Each of them has 30x more density, 20x more biodiversity, and grows 10x faster compared to regular plantations.