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Country/Region: Netherlands/Kenia
Team 13
Date of foundation 2015

About project

With 50% of coral reefs already lost and 80% of the living corals being threatened, REEFolution strives to save the world’s most diverse underwater ecosystems. They work both at sea and on land. At sea, REEF Rangers actively restore coral reefs using a variety of different science-based methods.

Coral reef restoration involves the following activities: 

  1. 1. coral gardening,
  2. 2. artificial reef placement,
  3. 3. coral fragment outplanting onto artificial reefs,
  4. 4. and establishing marine protected areas.

On land, REEFolution trains and educates local communities to restore and protect coral reefs. Their mission is to leave behind self-resilient community-based coral reef management in the long run.

Project objectives

Knowing that 95% of coral reefs could be gone by 2050, REEFolution devotes all its efforts to reversing this alarming statistics and saving corals from extinction.


In Shimoni, Kenya, REEFolution trained 15 REEF Rangers and restored 3 hectares of coral reefs since 2015. More than 1500 artificial reef structures have been placed. Their coral nurseries produce more than 10,000 young coral fragments per year. 30 scientific research projects were carried out on-site.