One Tree Planted

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Please select the price you would like to support this project with.
Country/Region: All over the world
Team 100+
Date of foundation 2014

About project

The initiative’s concept is simple yet extremely effective: they plant one tree with every dollar pledged. This way, tree planting becomes easily accessible to every global citizen and every business.

Living somewhere in Europe, a person can plant a tree in faraway Africa in one click. These individual contributions accumulate and result in entire forests being planted all over the world. The need for tree planting of such proportions arose from the alarming fact that around 46% of the world's forests are already destroyed, with an area the size of a football field being additionally destroyed by humans every 1.2 seconds.

One Tree Planted do their best to compensate for all these losses, and they succeed!

Project objectives

One Tree Planted expects that their positive contribution to the global reforestation effort will keep growing exponentially.

In 2022 alone, they more than doubled their impact from 2021 with 52.7 million trees planted. Granted the growing support from people, this trend will continue.


Since 2014, the organization has more than doubled the number of trees planted each year, totalling 92,000,000+ trees. They are working in collaborations with 681+ planting partners across 80+ countries in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific.