Mosh Dog Shelter

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Please select the price you would like to support this project with.
Country/Region: Uganda, Kampala
Team 9 people
Date of foundation 2020

About project

Mosh Dog Shelter, based in Kampala, Uganda, is a compassionate haven amidst the Covid pandemic. Their dedicated team rescues and cares for 50-70 dogs, providing vital necessities. With aspirations for growth, they aim to secure their own land and build a permanent shelter.

Through community support, they have improved their services. Mosh Dog Shelter's mission extends beyond immediate impact, striving to create a lasting solution for animal welfare in Uganda.

Project objectives

Mosh Dog Shelter envisions owning its land and constructing a permanent shelter. This expansion will provide a stable home for more dogs in need. With continued community support, they are determined to make their future plans a reality, transforming the lives of countless dogs and leaving a lasting legacy in animal welfare.


Mosh Dog Shelter has achieved remarkable milestones. They have enhanced their facilities and services, ensuring the well-being of the dogs. Their tireless efforts have resulted in numerous successful rescues, offering these dogs a new lease on life. Their impact inspires others to join their cause and promote animal welfare.