Habiba Community

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Country/Region: Nuweiba, Egypt
Team 3 people
Date of foundation 2007

About project

The Community aims to revive the desert through organic farming, ecological knowledge, and human collaboration within a circular economy. Founded by a visionary entrepreneur Maged El Said and powered by a deeply engraved love for Egypt, Habiba Community is a fusion of three elements.

  1. 1. The regenerative & organic farm complexes test regenerative growing techniques and provide local bio-produce.
  2. 2. A splendid beachfront lodge overlooking the gulf of Aqaba offers rest for body and mind.
  3. 3. A learning center ensures cultivating young green minds.

The enterprise’s vision lies in building a strong, healthy & sustainable future for the entire South Sinai Community. Their mission is to pioneer a sustainable model that greens the desert and empowers the locals in building up their community's welfare.

Project objectives

To improve food security for Bedouin communities in the Sinai, Habiba Community will build a 'Community Soil & Water Analysis Laboratory Service'. Regenerative, women-run backyard farms require a scientific approach to reach maximum productivity and sustainability. This enhanced productivity will ensure food security for 3,000 people, lead to new financial opportunities in local markets, while restoring healthy functioning ecosystems.


Their Plant for the Planet initiative gathers help for land regeneration through agroforestry techniques. By combining different indigenous trees, shrubs, bushes and crops, the project is already helping to improve the soil's nutrient cycle, build a microclimate that will attract humidity, as well as improve food security and livelihoods.

More than 100 farms