Green Points

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Country/Region: Cyprus
Team 5
Date of foundation 2019
About project

Green Points strives to solve the problem of waste that is difficult to categorize or put in a bin through a network of drop-off centers and a new approach to waste pickup. 

The initiative suggests a more elaborate classification of waste into 32 categories. Also, it aims to help people manage their bulky waste, such as furniture, along with other atypical categories of household items, such as electrical appliances, lightbulbs, wood and metals, etc.

An important part of the Green Points’ approach is reusing items that can be repaired or are in good condition, as a way to reduce the amount of waste. These items are repaired and repurposed directly at Green Points for further donation.

On the educational side, Green Points informs people about the correct way of recycling.

Project objectives

1. The near-future goal is the creation of a mobile app that would facilitate waste pickup from individual households.

2. The long-term goal is opening more drop-off centers that can be used by any citizen for free (8 new Green Points by 2026).

3. Customized waste pickup, diversification of waste categories, and the reuse philosophy - all of these are expected to decrease the amounts of waste going to landfills by 2x to 10x.


1. The new holistic approach to waste collection and treatment. 

2. 4 Green Points already functioning in Limassol: Parekklisia,

Fasoula, Kolossi and Avdemou.

3. By expanding the range of waste gathered and personalizing its pickup, Green Points makes the service of smart waste disposal and recycling available to any citizen, for free. This approach has proved to prevent illegal dumps and optimize recycling processes.