Ecosystem Restoration Communities

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Country/Region: All over the world
Team 30+
Date of foundation 2019

About project

Ecosystem Restoration Communities is a global movement reversing ecological destruction in over 30 countries across 6 continents. It invites people to become earth restorers to rebuild degraded ecosystems from the ground up.

The participation may take various forms, depending on the individual interests and aspirations: from hands-on activities and learning. They also encourage small local efforts and support ‘one-person’ projects.

The Vision of the initiative reaches out to a fully-functional, abundant, biologically diverse Earth of tomorrow through the rebuilding effort of today. Their Mission is to work together to restore ecological functionality by means of engaging people, training, building research and innovation centers for ecological restoration — all aiming for joint impact.

Project objectives

The big goal is to have one million people come together by 2030 as earth restorers to revive a minimum of 3 million hectares of degraded ecosystems in 100 communities around the world.


At the moment, ERC embraces 56 communities, comprising over 20,000 earth restorers, having planted 3,200,000 trees and plants on almost 9,000 hectares of restored lands.