Dandora Green Recyclers

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Please select the price you would like to support this project with.
Country/Region: Kenya
Team 4 people
Date of foundation 2021

About project

Dandora Green Recyclers is a socio-environmental enterprise born out of the Dandora dumpsite with the aim of creating sustainable livelihoods through recycling of thermoform plastic. 

The initiative is an answer to the pressing local issue of waste management. Every day, 30 trucks of plastic waste are dumped into the Dandora landfill. Dandora Green Recyclers are saving the site from the waste burden by off-taking disposed plastic and putting it back into the recycling chain. 

Dandora Green Recyclers also creates a positive social impact on the surrounding communities, inter alia, by giving tours showcasing the plastic value chain, as well as facilitating workshops on waste management.

Project objectives

Creating a better future and a long-lasting positive impact on the Dandora dumpsite community through recycling


1) Creating economic value out of waste through plastic recycling.

2) Preventing plastic waste from entering the Dandora dumpsite.

3) Changing the perception of the communities living off and around the Dandora dumpsite.

4) Creating tangible social impact for communities living off waste picking.

5) Safeguarding the environment from plastic pollution.