City friends club

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Country/Region: Limassol, Cyprus
Team 5 people
Date of foundation 2020

About project

The City Friends Club is a Limassol based NGO and charity organisation on a mission to make Cyprus clean. To keep our neighbourhoods nice and tidy, CFC runs a daily street cleaning program which includes a team of professional street cleaners and six trucks that operate daily to clean the streets of Limassol. 

A strong volunteer community built by the City Friends Club, clearing illegal dumps around Limassol and seeking solutions to protect the restored areas every second Tuesday of the month. 

The club also has initiatives to promote conscious consumption and sustainable lifestyles, including projects that educate residents on recycling and encourage them to minimise waste production.

The ultimate goal of the City Friends Club is to transform Cyprus into a conscious community aware of waste reduction and actively working towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Project objectives

For the upcoming years CFC is planning to grow the number of professional cleaners and trucks to enhance its impact. To make this program even more impactful, the club plans to launch a social campaign across offline and online platforms to bring awareness to the problem of littering and educate people on proper recycling.

This is a big goal which can only be possible with the support of partners, government bodies and enthusiasts who want to enjoy clean Limassol!


In 2022, City Friends Club made great strides in serving its community and environment. 8,130 kg of general waste and 26 tonnes of recyclables were collected off Limassol streets, helping make the city cleaner. The club also beautified 136 parks and organised 14 volunteer clean-up events with over 1300 participants.