Ceriops Environmental Research

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Please select the price you would like to support this project with.
Country/Region: Kenya
Team 18 people
Date of foundation 2018

About project

Ceriops focuses on finding and creating opportunities in the blue and green economy for livelihood development with local communities and stakeholders. At Ceriops, expert scientists team up to take lead in natural ecosystems research and development programs on the East African Coast, ranging from aquatic ecosystems to natural terrestrial forests and marine environment conservation.

Armed with skills, knowledge and technology, Ceriops offers deep research in environmental ecosystems studies, ecosystems monitoring, restoration and management.

Project objectives

Ceriops Environmental Research strives to reach a point of stable balance for the environment by conserving and restoring the local ecosystems. They aim to protect the mangrove forests essential for strengthening tropical and subtropical coastlines. Also, they work hard to reverse coral degradation and fully restore one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet.

Ceriops is mapping the future where the dominant colors will be green and blue.


Ceriops project areas include: 

  1. 1. Mangrove Restoration, 
  2. 2. Coral Reef Conservation, and 
  3. 3. Pilot Projects, including sustainable agroforestry, Blue Carbon Project, seaweed and seagrass project, etc.

The results of 4 years of Ceriops action include but are not limited to: 150 ha of mangroves restored, 3000 community households benefiting, 8 pilot project areas functioning.