Center for Environmental Governance Ghana

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Country/Region: Ghana
Team 40
Date of foundation 2017
About project

This international initiative turns cocoa production sites in Ghana into community-based tourism destinations.

Agritourism and ecotourism will benefit the local cocoa producers, such as smallholder farmers, along with artisans excelling at handicrafts (many of whom are women), and locals involved in cottage industry.

Combining traditional techniques and new scientific knowledge, the initiative strives to achieve zero carbon emission goals through a no-deforestation approach, biodiversity and resource conservation, and responsible tourism destinations.

Project objectives

1. To promote a business model that would stimulate consumer behavioral change, promote eco-labelling and global agrifood chains, and link people to agritourism and ecotourism destinations. 

2. To support cocoa farmer groups in pursuit of community development through responsible tourism and viable economic returns.

3. To promote biodiversity conservation and rural development.


By signing on to the certification programs, the farming cooperatives and societies are becoming immersed in communications and trading activities that get them abreast with recent trends on agricultural production and tourism.