The Bee Camp

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Country/Region: Greece
Team 5 people
Date of foundation 2017

About project

The Bee Camp, a pioneering non-profit organization in Greece, is dedicated to protecting bees and urban pollinators.

Their mission is to transform cities into thriving environments that benefit both people and biodiversity. Composed of a passionate team of five young women, including artists, educators, environmental scientists, and anthropologists, The Bee Camp is committed to making cities greener, more inclusive, and more supportive of bee populations.

Through engaging workshops, educational initiatives, awareness-raising events, conservation efforts, and urban greening projects, they aim to cultivate a deep appreciation for nature and foster a brighter future — a future that is impossible without the indispensable species of pollinators.

Project objectives

Imagining and building “a greener, blooming world” for all the species (including humans and bees), inter alia, by making modern cities a better place for both people and biodiversity.


The Bee Camp has established over a dozen Bee Spots — a network of green habitats for pollinators in the cities. They spread 39,000 wildflower seedbombs and carried 480 engaging workshops, educating children and adults about the importance of bees.

The Bee Camp also offers opportunities for Corporate Volunteering and Team Building, including Bee-Days, an Adopt a Bee-Spot program, and the distribution of Zero-waste gifts.