4 forest

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Country/Region: Kazakhstan
Team 2
Date of foundation 2022
About project

The organization "4 Forest" is actively involved in reforesting areas devastated by forest fires, combating illegal deforestation, and opposing legislation that poses a threat to our precious forests. By subscribing to their cause, members receive a digital certificate confirming the planting of a tree, along with access to real-time tracking, photographs, and precise locations of the trees they helped plant. The choice of saplings and seedlings includes various tree species such as cedar, spruce, elm, maple, ash, and others, depending on the specific location of the reforestation efforts

Project objectives

4 Forest has an ambitious plan to expand their reforestation initiatives globally. With a goal of planting over 1 million trees annually in ecologically vulnerable regions, they actively combat wildfires and secure long-term leases of vital forests to preserve biodiversity. Their commitment ensures a greener, sustainable future for generations to come


Originating as an ecological blog, this project has expanded its reach and successfully planted 40,000 trees in Siberia and Kazakhstan within the past year