300,000 Trees in Nicosia

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Please select the price you would like to support this project with.
Country/Region: Cyprus, Nicosia
Team 10 people
Date of foundation 2019

About project

They have successfully transformed 7 parks, planting over 10,000 trees in the process. The project has also formed partnerships with universities in the area, using these relationships to further their knowledge of the unique trees of Cyprus and raise awareness about environmental issues among students.

Project objectives

Reforest Nicosia has an ambitious goal — planting 300,000 trees. One tree for every citizen in Nicosia! The numbers and the choice of the environmental action are not accidental. Planting trees in the cities and unpopulated zones alike helps decrease both the temperature and CO2 levels. It means that climate change is being addressed from two complementary directions and in both worlds - natural and anthropogenic.

Since 2019, Reforest Nicosia has planted 10,000 trees. Trees need two things: hands to plant them and time to grow. It means reaching the project’s goal would take many years and require the help of many people. Despite the challenges, Reforest Nicosia teammates hope that people will support them in their sacred mission: to plant the trees in the shadow of which our grandchildren will be sitting.


The goal is to plant 300k trees in Nicosia, make a catalogue of Cyprus trees in collaboration with university.