Listen, Learn, Act: NullkerTalks Podcast Series Inspires Sustainable Living


Listen, Learn, Act: NullkerTalks Podcast Series Inspires Sustainable Living

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Nullker, the eco-conscious startup that promotes sustainable initiatives, is thrilled to announce the launch of Nullker Talks - its groundbreaking video podcast series. The podcast aims to delve into a diverse range of topics, including environmental initiatives, eco-conscious businesses, and influential personalities whose innovative approaches are shaping modern society and actively working towards a greener and happier planet.

The pilot episode features a captivating interview with Weruschca Kirkegaard, Co-founder of United Designers International, a trailblazing force in the realm of eco-friendly design and sustainable practices. As the first hero of the podcast, Kirkegaard shares insights into her visionary work and the impactful actions she and her organization are taking to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Hosting this enlightening series is Leyla Gulen, a prominent American TV presenter known for her engaging and insightful interviews. With her charismatic style, Gulen brings out the best in each guest, providing listeners with a firsthand look into the minds of those leading the charge for positive change.

Nullker, the driving force behind this podcast, is not just an organizer but also the producer. As an eco startup and green platform, Nullker is committed to promoting and raising awareness about eco initiatives. The podcast serves as a medium to draw attention to the significant efforts being made to create a more sustainable world while inspiring others to join the movement.

"We are excited to launch Nullker Talks, and we believe it will serve as a platform to highlight the incredible work being done by individuals and organizations striving to make a positive impact on our planet," said Viktor Khodanov, founder at Nullker.

Listeners can expect to be inspired and informed as each episode unfolds, featuring thought-provoking conversations with influential figures dedicated to environmental causes. Nullker Talks is set to become a go-to resource for anyone passionate about sustainability, eco-conscious living, and the collective efforts to build a brighter future for our planet.

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Nullker is a green startup developing an eco platform designed to promote and raise awareness of environmental initiatives and attracting brands as partners. Nullker creates an ecosystem uniting people, business and eco-enthusiasts together to contribute to a more sustainable and eco-conscious world.


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